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Update on Fall 2020 Season



LYSA Community,


Thank you for your patience while we work to get this season started.


The LYSA Board of Directors would like to share an update for the fall 2020 soccer season.  


In the Cov-2 era, the LYSA Board of Directors performed a full due diligence on LYSA’s corporate governance in order to ensure a safe and healthy soccer season this fall for all our stakeholders -- officers, volunteer coaches, referees, parents, and players.  


Like many non-profits in Massachusetts, not every governance item was in order for LYSA.  To put it simply, LYSA wasn’t currently compliant with all our governance documentation.


What does this mean? It means that LYSA must cancel the Fall 2020 season run by LYSA. In discussion with the Stow Soccer Board of Directors, they have agreed to have the Fall 2020 season under their jurisdiction.  LYSA players and volunteers will need to re-register under Stow Soccer for just this season.


Registering with Stow Soccer does NOT change how any team will operate.  Players can wear the same uniforms, and coaches will run their teams as expected.  This measure is a temporary change for likely one season.


In order to make this work we will need a minimum of 2 coaches per team. As it stands right now, we would not have enough coaches to run this season.  So, to make this happen we need you to step up.  Please don’t figure someone else will do this, that’s never the case.  You don’t have to be a professional soccer coach, in order to coach this age range.  You need a little patience and desire to help the kids in our community. We also want to be clear with the expectations for this season with everyone. Please review the coach’s toolkit that has been provided by MYSA.


As a community we also need to comply with all the requirements that are being put forth to have a safe season this year.  This includes having only one parent or guardian at the field per player. No additional children under the age of 18. All players and parent/guardians wearing a mask at all times.


Next Steps:

  • Parents

    • please click here to re-register your players.

    • Although the registration states that the cost is zero, we will charge a fee for this season albeit nor more than a regular-season fee.  When we figure out the cost, we will transfer the credit over to SSC.  If you have neither a credit nor have paid, we will let you know when and what to pay.

    • Once you have re-registered, your coach will reach out to you with practice times.

    • Also, please watch this MYSA Parents video that will go over the temporary modification in the game and other guidelines and expectation

    • Once you have watched this webinar, please review, print, and sign the Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activity Review and Compliance Waiver and bring it to your first practice to had to your coach. Your player will not be able to participate until we have a signed with a pen signed Player Compliance Waiver.

  • Coaches

  • every volunteer from the Board to the Coaches need to complete Stow Soccer's Adult registration

  • Once you have completed that form, we will know you would like to be a volunteer, and we will contact you about what you need to do next.

    Again, Registration is open until next Saturday 9/19/2020.  Please re-register ASAP here

    Questions? Please reach out to any SSC board member or reply to this email.

We have a change in policy starting with the Fall 2018 season.  If you register your child and then cancel your registration, there will be a $5 service fee for refunded registrations. LYSA is charged a fee for each registration and that fee is not refunded to LYSA if you withdraw your reservation.  Thank you for your understanding with this policy change.




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